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Azerbaijan is the WYCO 2019 Champion!
Tuesday, 05 November 2019 18:18
7b32f9ff-a555-4455-a726-b7779f98b2d9While Azerbaijan took the first place with 48 teams were fighting for the championship, Uzbekistan became second, Belarus became third, Kazakhstan became fourth and Israel took fifth places.
WYCO 2019 has ended today with the closing ceremony at 18.00 in Anitta Hotel after a week long exhausting struggles. With the hosting Turkish Chess Fedearation and the support of Corum Municipality, WYCO 2019 has taken place between 29 November – 5 November in Corum with 48 teams and 235 players from 6 regions and 38 countries. After very tough battles, Azerbaijan became the 2019 WYCO champion while Uzbekistan became second, Belarus became third, Kazakhstan became fourth and Israel became fifth places.
With the host of Turkish Chess Federation president Mrs. Tulay, Corum governor Mustafa Çiftçi,  Corum Mayor Dr. Halil Ibrahim Asgin, Azerbaijan's Ambassador in Ankara Hazar Ibrahim, Youth and Sports Provincial Director Hasim Eger, Fide President Asistant Vadim Tsypin, TCF Vice President Fatih Maden, FIDE Chairman of Events Commission and TCF Board member Ozgur Solakoglu, TCF Board Members Ahmet Haznedaroglu, Ali Umit Sifaver, Ahmet Arda Kilic, Secretary General of TCF M.Sedat Firat, Corum Province Reprasantative Hasan Özer Gökmen, team captains, arbiters, captains, players and press have attended the WYCO 2019 closing ceremony. 
After the talks of the WYCO 2019 protocol members, teams in the first three places and players which earned the board prizes have received their prizes.
Road to Final Round
Monday, 04 November 2019 20:08
DSC 3832Eight round of the WYCO 2019 have played today. With 2 draws on the first 2 boards Azerbaijan team remained in the single leadership with 14 points. Uzbekistan team is carrying their championship hopes to the final round with 13 points.
Azerbeijan team played with the Ukraine team on the first board. With the early draws on the even board, which Azerbeijan team had the blackside, Azerbeaijan team was seen to win the game. They also won the game on board 3 with an amazing endgame technique from IM Ahmad Ahmadzada; however, Ukraine team stole a point from their opponent with the winning with blackside on first board. 
On the second board Armenia – Kazakhstan match was also very exciting. Every games were lasted more than 68 moves. On the fourth board, Albert Gevorgyan took a win fort he Armenia team in a very close endgame. On the first board, Armenia team took the advantage from the middlegame and beat their opponent but Kazakhstan team managed to win the games on board 2 and 3. Therefore, match has ended with a draw. 
Pairings for the first three boards are as follows: China – Azerbaijan, Ukraine – Uzbekistan, Armenia – Belarus 
Final round of the WYCO is going to start at 10:00 Turkish time (GMT +3) tomorrow.

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News: Mert Tırak

Advantage Azerbaijan
Sunday, 03 November 2019 19:56
DSC 3601After the break yesterday, World Youth Chess Olympiad has continued with rounds 6 and 7 today. While stepping into the penultimate round, young Azeri stars are leading the competition by a two match points margin.
Speaking about round 6, WFM Nazerke Nurgali(2194) who has been the consistent fourth board of Kazakshtan could not be stopped yet another round. Nevertheless, this did not prevent Azerbaijan from reaching the win by 2.5 – 1.5. Meanwhile, Uzbekistan overcame Belarus where all individual games ended in a draw except the one that GM Javokhir Sindarov(2513) did not let his opponent get away with the huge blunder on move 17 (depicted below):


The money move here is 17…Qxf3+!! Where 18.gxf3 Rxf3 19.Kg2 Bh3+ does not lead any cozy place for White.
Uzbek team, however, could not keep their pace at round 7. Biggest upset for them possibly was the loss of GM Nodirbek Abdusattorov(2608) leading a team loss against Kazakhstan which meant they are behind the leader by 2 points now.
Round 8 of the WYCO is going to start at 15:00 Turkish time (GMT +3) tomorrow. Pairings for the first three boards are as follows: Azerbaijan – Ukraine, Armenia – Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan – Colombia.

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News: Mert Tırak

Announcement for 7th Round
Sunday, 03 November 2019 11:25
maskot duyuruTeam composition for the 7th round on 3.11.2019 can be submitted until 15.15 pm. (updated.)
Captains' Login
Free Day Excursion
Sunday, 03 November 2019 08:38
CBB 4632_3000x2000The athletes who admired Boğazkale and Yazılıkaya visited the Çorum Museum. The Malaysian team also held a demonstration match at the Museum.

Tense Fight at the Top
Friday, 01 November 2019 18:36
DSC 2583Round 5 of the World Youth Chess Olympiad 2019 has been played today. There were a lot of tense fights in today’s match-ups and most of them ended in a decisive result.
Kazkhstan has been the winner of the top board against Belarus with a 3 – 1 score. Belarusian team was hit from boards 3 and 4 where FM Arystan Isanzhulov(2305) won the complex Sicilian struggle with White pieces while WFM Nazerke Nurgali (2194) picked the solid Carokann correctly for the win.
Boards 2, 3, 4 and 5 saw the same result of 2.5 – 1.5 which indicates the intensity of the fight. Top seed Azerbaijan defeated Israel for the second place after the fifth round. Meanwhile, Abdusattorov’s Uzbekistan beat United States for 9 match points and the third place. With this result, 3 teams share the lead with 9 points.
Round 6 starts at 10:00 local time (GMT +3) and pairings for top 3 boards are as follows: 
Azerbaijan – Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan – Belarus, China – Bulgaria.

Gallery: 1. Tur -  2. Tur - 3. Tur - 4. Tur - 5. Tur

News: Mert Tırak

Belarus At The Top
Thursday, 31 October 2019 18:22
DSC 2228Fourth round of the WYCO has been played today. After four rounds, only the Belarusian team have perfect 8 match points. Four teams, including the top seed Azerbaijan, are following the leader with 7 points.

Rising of Underdog Teams
Wednesday, 30 October 2019 19:21
DSC 2023Second and third round of the WYCO 2019 have played today. After very excited and satisfied battles Israel, Bulgaria, Belarus and Kazakhstan teams share the leadership with full points.
Today’s most excited match is the match between 1st seed Azerbaijan team and last year’s champion Uzbekistan team. This match was looked like a early championship match and it started with 2 draws in first two boards. On the third board IM Ahmad Ahmadzada gave first win to Azerbaijan with a precise win. Therefore, the result of the match was determined by the game between Mukhiddin Madaminov – WFM Govhar Beydullayeva on the fourth board. After a solid opening by White, black started to weaken its kingside and White crushed his opponent with a wonderful knight sacrifice. As a result Uzbek player gifted a point to his country with an amazing game. 
Other matches played for the leadership also had some sensational moments. On the first board, Kazakhstan team beat India team with score of 2.5-1.5. On the second board Belarus team played with Turkey-White team. While all games were going equally, FM Siniauski, fourth board of the Belarus team, took advantage of the his opponent’s mistake and score the winning point of his team. Isreal team beat the Turkey White team, tournament’s most underdog team with 2 win in first two rounds, with 3-1.  Bulgaria team played with the 3rd seed Ukraine team and crushed their strong opponent with the score of 2.5-1.5.
Fourth round of the tournament is starting at 15:00 (GMT +3) tomorrow.

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